Domestic Outsourcing

What do I have to say about my experience using domestic Outsourcing? I can only say that it was a positive one. I was able to achieve things that my company would have never been able to achieve without reaching out to a third party. Did it cost money? Sure, of course it did, but it’s going to maximize my profits and make itself back and by my calculations and no time. I think that’s what’s important. People get scared when they see Outsourcing because they see that it’s an extra cost. But what I think is that once you calculate the efficiency, it actually end up saving money, and creating opportunity for new sources of profit. I think that that’s what being a creative business person is all about, and I have totally adopted Outsourcing into my business standards. For example my software engineer, at my organisation, is a genius. But he is better at performing maintenance on pre-existing software, and communicating how to solve software issues with others, than he is at actually building his own software. When I need a program developed, I think that it would be foolish not to Outsource. See, when I have my software engineer working on his areas of strength, he is delivering his highest value to the company. If I have him working on something that he is not very good at, he is spending more time on creating something that is not as good. By Outsourcing, I am taking the parts of his job that he struggles with, and having those done by someone who exceeds at them and excels, and then he is spending more of his time doing what he does best which is how he contributes his almost value to the company. I think that it’s very clear that makes a lot of sense, I realize not all people think this way, but what I do realize is that there are facts that prove that but I am perceiving is indeed true. The proof is in the pudding, and the pudding is made out of analyze data. I am happy to use software development outsourcing solutions.