Manipulating App Store Rankings – To Do or Not To Do

Manipulating App Store Rankings – To Do or Not To Do

The idea seems quite nice really, the ability to manipulate app store rankings of your apps. Seeing the amount of work an app develop needs to put into their ASO game to ensure that their apps attains that much coveted position amongst app store rankings, manipulating your way into the top of the list to generate revenue makes sense. But, the application of that idea is not hazard free.

Can You Manipulate Your Way Into a Higher App Store Rank?

The answer to that question is YES! You can manipulate your way into the higher and most coveted position amongst the app store rankings, but that does not mean that it is the right thing to do. These Black Hat strategies seem glorious in the beginning. Who wouldn’t want to be able to leap through the ranks on the app store fairly quickly and get to the top in practically no time. But, what we do not understand that app stores are always on the lookout for people who do things like these all the time. Their algorithm is designed particularly to weed out individuals that fake ratings and reviews on the app store using bots and various other means.

Furthermore, the minds behind these apps love fair play, in their own way. One can never tell the consequences the app developers would have to face if you choose to employ black hat technique to catapult your app into the higher app store ranks. You may very well get your app blacklisted from the app store permanently.

The Right Way to Do Things…

Thus, in order to ensure that you always play your cards rights and go about the right way of optimizing your app, you need to find every single white hat technique available out there and stick to it. A few things you can do is;

  • To start off, never ever fake your ratings and reviews. Your app store reviews and ratings are monitored very closely by the minds behind the app store and it is really not worth the effort.
  • Using keywords is always advisable and the best way to optimize your applications using every single white hat technique at your disposal. But, keep in mind to stay in line and never go overboard. It may turn out to harm your app more than it can possibly help it.

The Bottom Line

When you spend hours developing an app to perfection, all you want is your app to do well. After all that effort, planning and hardwork make sure that you choose to get the word about your app out there in the right way. This can guarantee long-term success that will always be there no matter the position of your app according to app store rankings.

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