Realtor Marketing

A lot of folks think an individual Realtor or small realty company is unable to compete online against real estate businesses that are large. This is simply not accurate.

It’s true that the majority of high real estate search engine (Google) rankings are held by big companies. But this is because realty companies and Realtors do not know how to beat them at the internet marketing game.

The simple truth is that with a cutting edge internet marketing program the small guys begin getting the lions share of free internet leads, and can beat the big men. This is done through search engine optimization (SEO) and innovative internet marketing techniques.

Within the past year Bing, Yahoo and Google have changed the way and this favors individuals and small businesses. Instead of competing globally or nationwide for search engine positions, you now compete just within your local geographical area.

The so called “Local SEO” shifts are tailor-made for Realtors who almost consistently work within small geographical areas. Personally, I have studied the new rules on Local Search Engine Optimization and ascertained that in almost every geographic market there is an opportunity right now for small businesses to get the top search positions.

This window of opportunity WOn’t last forever.

You need to immediately set up business listings within the Bing, Yahoo and Google local company centres.

Because of the massive amounts of home buyers using the net to search for homes to buy, a top ranking within the Local Search Engines can vault an average Realtor into the Top Producer class in only a couple weeks.

If you wish to be the Top Producer locally, then get started today to take advantage of the new rules for Local Search Engine Optimization.

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